Dear bride and dear groom, dear witnesses!

I have the honour to kindly welcome you all to the marriage before the registrar. My special welcome, though, is for the bridal pair, who have come here today to begin a new period of their life.

Dear bride and groom!

In every person\'s life there are hours that decide one\'s future and shape one\'s destiny. Such an hour has arrived now for you. For you have come here to enter into a union for life by giving your word to each other.

You know the beautiful and cheerful sides of life but you are also aware of the grief and pain which can sometimes result as soon as it appears that desires may stay unfulfilled or that troublesome work will go unrewarded.

It is not only the stormy love that leads man and woman together. It is also the upright and honest affection for each other that leads one to realize and appreciate the other person\'s worth. And it is also the willingness to make sacrifices together, without which no community and especially no marriage can last.

By giving your word to each other today, you satisfy the federal wedding-formalities and promise each other to live your life together: To share the joys honestly, to bear sorrow and pain jointly to care for each other with love, to not desert or abandon each other but to always stand and hold together, whatever future events might be in store for you

According to the book of Civil Rights, marriage is legally, a contract between to persons in which they declare their wills to live together in inseperable union. both, wife and husband, are equally obliged to abide by their wedding vows, to fidelity in marriage and to treat each other with dignity and respect.

I\'m now prepared to ask you maybe the most meaningful question for your future life and to receive your declaration.

Please rise. - Ich bitte Sie sich zu erheben.

Mr.........., would you like to take a matrimony with Mrs................, then articulate you with a clear Yes.

Mrs....................., would you like to take a matrimony with Mr................, then articulate you with a clear Yes, ditto.

Your word, which you have now given to each other before the civil magistrate and in the pre¬sence of your two witnesses, unites you for life.
Through the authority of the Book of Civil Rights you are now lawfully united wife and hus¬band.

The two rings which are placed in front of you are a symbol of completion unity an faithful¬ness. Take these little symbols as an outward sign of the bond between you, your love and your readiness and desire to live with and for each other.

Please take a seat - Bitte Platz nehmen.

I will now read the official marriage records and would like to ask you to verify them and bring any mistakes to my attention.


If all the entries are correct, i may now ask you to sign.


The I and You between you has become a We. United by the promise of faithful love for all your life you will walk the path of life together.

Let yourself always be guided by a good heart, by love and goodness. Be loving and conside¬rate in all you do and don\'t only live side by side but with and for each other, Especially if it comes different than you expected, think back on this day and the good intentions that you had for your marriage.

For where people live together, there are disagreements, misunderstandings and also disputes. No marriage spares sorrow, grief and worries. But with trust, patience, goodwill and under¬standing you will always find back onto your shared path.

In the name of the mayor of the City of ....., I would like to wish you all the best for your marriage.

As civil magistrate, I myself would like to join him in these wishes. May the marriage you begin today with high expectations and (many) good wishes from others, grow to fulfilment.

May today be the first segment of a long chain of happy and beautiful days. This I honestly wish for you.

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