Trauungsrede: (452)

I would like to welcome you all in this registration office.

Dear relatives, bride and groom!

You gathered here today before the registrar of the <> Community to get married.

A marriage only fulfils it’s purpose if you understand the meaning of being married.

And especially if it’s your own free will to say yes to each other.

With saying yes a new phase of your life begins.

So far you could establish your life the way you wanted, but from now on you have to show consideration for each other and adapt.

Throughout marriage duties will emerge and you will become aware of it in every days life.

These duties also mean, putting aside your own personality.

The one and only main reason of a marriage is the mutual effort, because without it the foundation for a family isn’t possible.

Dear Bride and Groom,

In this hour of joy and happiness you should think, that – like in human life –

especially in a strong relationship like a marriage, there are not just sunny days, in spite of a good will an all good intentions,

in spite of the love and affection, that your marriage establishes and carries, difficulties and burdens are not failing to come.

Especially in situations like that, this relationship must proof itself.

For us humans it is important, that we are not being isolated.

That is as effective for a marriage just like the relationship to your own family.

You can give a lot of good advice.

In the end it always depends on you to look for the right way towards each other.

But I would like to give you some advice for your way:

Mutual Regard,
Respect for each other and loyalty –
will help you, that such burdens won’t separate you, but also brings you closer together.

Dear Bride and Groom,

As a advocate of this state, I wish you a happy life together.

I know, that after the high feeling of being married, days will follow when this or that burden needs to be carried, which isn’t so heavy, if you will carry it together.

And every cheerful hour, that you have throughout the year, is twice as beautiful, if you experience it together.

Always have confidence in each other.

Don’t let am mean word stand between you, which is easily said.

In a situation like this, bring up the courage to say the first word, take the first step towards each other.

Then your marriage will be on a steady ground and it will be your lifelong happiness – that you wish for,

That I wish you, if I perform this wedding ceremony according to law.

Dear Bride, Groom and Witnesses, may I ask you to rise for the wedding ceremony:

I ask you Mr <>, is it your free will to marry Miss <>, then answer my question with yes.

I also ask you Miss <>, if it is your free will to marry Mr <>, then answer my question with yes.

After both of you answered my questions with yes, in front of your witnesses, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

In the name of this community, the major and myself, I wish you two a inseperable and lifelong journey –

A lot of joy, health, happiness, success and blessing.

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